World's Finest Roses for Valentine's Day

Gifting Roses for Valentine's Day

Over these years, Valentine’s Day has remained a relevant event to mankind because of its essence of celebrating love and breathing new life into one’s romance. The act of gifting roses paired with a box of chocolates or a teddy bear plushie is never passe because it is man’s nature to desire affection from another. It is said the best form of affection is a gesture of appreciation and remembrance of one’s love and adoration.

world's finest long stemmed red roses for valentine's day singapore


World's Finest Long-Stemmed Roses for Valentine's Day

It is a common understanding that red roses signify love and passion, but the enchanting sweet-scented flower embodies a deeper romance by the story of Aphrodite who wept at the sight of her injured lover, Adonis in which the flower grows from the blend of her tears and his blood.

In the wake of the recent pandemic that diminished human physical interaction, an expression of love is essential to uplift the spirit of your loved ones and enliven your relationship. What is more quintessential than red roses on a Valentine’s Day? It goes without saying that red roses are a classic and timeless touch to your Valentine’s Day gift which speaks volume of your affection for your cherished person.

The Valentine Collection 

Express your love with Roses Only Singapore this Valentine’s Day to immortalize your romance. This year's Valentine's Collection is made up of top favorites and best sellers - specially curated to enchant your lover. The curated products offers a selection of red roses in a Roses Only signature box which flaunts a modern-day romance with assorted gifts to complement your flowers such as the world's best Godiva Chocolates and a teddy plushie. Not forgetting our top favorite the popular Valentine Rose Teddy in Red - a perfect companion for roses.

Valentine Rose Teddy in Red | Roses Only Singapore
12 red roses delivery singapore | roses only

How many roses to gift?

Did you know that varying number of red roses brings to different meanings? The way to go is twelve (12) red roses to relay your unwavering love you have for your partner twelve months a year. But the most charming would be a one-hand bouquet which comes with a hundred red roses that amplifies the meaning of everlasting love in which you are devoted to have a lifetime of love with your cherished person.

100 roses for valentine's day | roses only

In light of being of your service to profess your feelings through red roses bouquet this Valentine’s Day, Roses Only caters for nine (9), twelve (12), twenty-four (24), thirty-six (36), fifty (50), ninety-nine (99) and a hundred (100) red roses in a gift box which you may personalize with other gifts to narrate your own love story. A staple pair to a red roses bouquet is a box of chocolates and Roses Only offers only the best box of chocolates from Godiva to go with your bouquet. Alternatively, for a more subtle pair to your selected bouquet, there are also teddy bear, Rose Teddy and scented candles that is now popular in demand to choose from.

Fret not, simply reach out to the friendly staffs to get advices on the meaning of each product they offer from their Valentine’s Day collection and the best selection to convey your feelings. It is unequivocal that it takes great effort to show appreciation and love to someone because the thoughts that comes with it uplifts one’s spirit and emotion which factor a flourished relationship. 

Take a moment and customize your own Valentine’s Day gift with Roses Only and have it delivered free of charge Singapore-wide. 






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