Refund Policy

Our brand is synonymous with a fantastic product backed up with exceptional customer service.

Rose Varieties

Roses come in all shapes and sizes. That is one reason why they are so loved. Some varieties open fully while others stay closed. Some are fragrant, others are known instead for their beauty and elegance.

Please know that the colour of our roses can differ slightly from images on our website. That’s because each morning our florists choose the very finest roses available that day, no matter where they are from in the world. The farms, bushes, light and seasons all produce variance in shades.

Flower Care

Roses are, of course, a natural and perishable product. They react to their immediate indoor environment as well as external weather conditions. Drawing on our two decades of experience, we choose each flower by hand, ensuring only the freshest and highest quality blooms reach our customers.

We try to minimise the number of changes in condition which can reduce the longevity of our flowers. Once they are dispatched this is out of our control, so each package arrives with care instructions to help you look after them.

Please follow the instructions thoroughly to ensure maximum life of your flowers. The heat and humidity we have in Hongkong means that this is especially important to avoid early wilting. We recommend changing the water in your vase daily. Air conditioning, extreme heat and changes in climate can all have an adverse effect. Because of the many possible variables, it is difficult to guarantee longevity in every case, but there are many steps you can take to look after your flowers.

Three Day Return Policy

Typically, your flowers should last 3 to 5 days. All our flowers arrive with care instructions to help you get the most from them. Should you find that despite following these instructions your flowers perish within 3 days, please let us know and we’ll be happy to replace them.

If you do experience any problems please call us within three days of delivery, and keep hold of the flowers. We will either come to collect them or ask for images to help us understand what has gone wrong with our quality control. We’re unfortunately unable to replace flowers if they have been disposed without images being taken.


All prices shown on the website are inclusive of 7% GST Tax.


We look at cancellations 24 hours before your delivery date on a case by case basis. Contact us as early as possible to discuss this. If the cancellation is within 24 hours of delivery, we do charge 50% of the total order cost. Unfortunately, we are unable to cancel orders which have been prepared and are ready for delivery, so cancellations received on the day of delivery cannot be accepted. In all cases please call us to discuss your options. We are always as flexible as possible.


Please call us if you have any issues with your order. There may be a number of ways for us to resolve a problem and if we have fallen below our usual standard of excellence we’ll do everything we can to put things right.

Where a refund is there most appropriate resolution, please note that funds are credited back to the card or PayPal account they originated from.


Our early bird prices are the best rates we can offer pre-valentines. From the 7th of February, our prices increase since there is a huge demand for roses, and we find that costs from the best producers can nearly triple, which has an impact on our gift boxes. We don't want to compromise on our quality finish, so we want to make sure our returning customers know the reason behind the price differences for our Valentine's collection. No discounts can be offered/ redeemed during the valentines period, which commences 1st February - 16th February.