Celebrating New Year’s Eve Like a Pro

Celebrating New Year’s Eve Like a Pro

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Celebrating with kids

Spending New Year’s Eve with family can be daunting if you aren’t well prepared, particularly if young children are involved. Decide on what you want to do in advance, discuss it with your kids and plan early. If you’re hosting an event, give the younger members of the family some tasks to complete before the big day, so they feel included and are able to contribute to the big celebrations ahead. Our suggestions are:

Have a dress up party

Dress up parties are so much fun, and giving the kids something to plan will make the lead up to the party even more exciting. If you’ve got the creative talent, work with your kids to make an elements of their costumes, or pick a fun theme they can research online. Send out invitations to your family friends, decorate the house with flowers Singapore and serve themed food as you welcome in the new year.

Check out the local family friendly activities

Most cities have a lot of activities planned around the end of the year, including fireworks displays, ice-skating rinks and live concerts. Check your local newspaper or search online for what’s happening near you, but be sure to get there early to avoid fighting the crowds!

Throw a party

Throwing a New Year’s Eve party doesn’t have to be stressful, particularly if you have friends who are willing to help out. Ask all of your guests to bring a plate, create a fun music playlist with your kids and fire up the BBQ! Be sure to send a special something to any co-hosts who help you on the night, like flower delivery Singapore.

Play some games

If you’re not interested in having a big night with friends, spending the evening inside with your kids can still be lots of fun. Get our your favorite board games like Monopoly, Snakes and Ladders, Twister and Pictionary, and spend the night munching on tasty snacks and giggling as you play. You can even set aside the board games and make it a more traditional evening with games like hide and seek!

Throw a pajama party

Pajama parties are great for kids, especially if you have space for a blanket fort! Encourage your kids to invite a few friends over, screen some of their favorite movies and watch them transform your house into a castle made of linen.

Make some craft

Craft activities may be messy, but they are a great way for your kids to get creative, use their imaginations and feel a sense of accomplishment whilst admiring their creations. You can buy craft supplies at your local shops and find plenty of activity inspiration online.

Enjoy some nature play

Depending on the weather, taking your kids outside to experience nature can be a great option. Encourage your kids to explore the natural world by climbing trees, building their own shelters and watching how the local ecosystem works. If appropriate, you could even build a fire and toast marshmallows!

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Romantic celebrations

Parties and large celebrations can be fantastic, but if you’re more interested in spending a romantic evening with your significant other, there are plenty of ways to make it extra special:

Dinner at home

Even though you probably have dinner at home together all the time, it’s really easy to transform your home into an intimate and beautiful space. Simply light some candles, put on some soft music, cook something special (or order in) and reconnect. Don’t forget to buy your special someone a bouquet of flowers.

Dinner at a restaurant

Many restaurants have special New Year’s Eve set menus, which is a great option for those who don’t enjoy parties but still want to be somewhere atmospheric.

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Party planning

If you like to party, there is no better time of year to go wild! Some options include:

Throwing  a party at home

If you’re brave enough to open up your house, throwing a party is a great opportunity to bring your friends together, cook up a storm and be the hero of the night by playing host. Just be sure to have cleaners on stand-by!

Checking out some local parties

You don’t have to attend a house party or host your own party to celebrate, as there are so many clubs and organised events that have tickets available for New Year’s Eve. Do some research online to find the best happenings and book in advance. Alternatively, head into your city’s centre to enjoy the free festivities!

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Take a holiday

Getting away for New Year’s Eve is a great way to decompress after a busy and stressful year. Depending on your budget, you could:

Visit a bed and breakfast

This is another great option if you aren’t big on busy celebrations but still want to do something special. There are so many beautiful bed and breakfasts, close by or in a new destination you can discover.

Visit a new country

If you are planning on taking an end of year trip, extending it to include New Year’s Eve in another country is a must. Experiencing a new part of the world with champagne and fireworks is an unforgettable experience, and as a tourist you’ll have an opportunity to view the city in a way you wouldn’t if you visited any other time of year.

Go skiing or have a snow party

Depending in which hemisphere you are located, skiing or spending the end of the year covered in snow might be a regular occurrence, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go that extra mile by having a snow themed celebration! Light the fire, make some snowmen and have a late night snow fight whilst spending time with friends. Just make sure you have somewhere warm to escape to nearby, where you can have mulled wine and warm food ready.

Indulge in a tropical escape

Ringing in the new year in a tropical location is a relaxing and indulgent way to celebrate, particularly as you’ll have more sunlight to enjoy as the year comes to a close. Spoiling yourself with massages, lazy days by the pool and cocktail parties might be the stylish vacation you need.

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Try something new

Many people make plans for the new year ahead, but there’s no reason you can’t try something new before the year ends, even if it’s something low key like:

Throwing a cooking party

If you don’t want to go out or spend a lot of money, consider inviting over a few friends and cooking a decadent 5 course meal together. You’ll have fun, attempt to make something more extravagant than you usually would, and get to enjoy a beautiful meal. Ask everyone to bring a nice bottle of wine to make the night even better!

Trying an adventurous activity

Whether it’s bungee jumping, skydiving, canyoning or even wingsuit flying, booking in an extreme activity is a fabulous way to end the year with a bang, and will give you a rush that will carry into the new year.

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Do nothing

Don’t feel pressured to spend the final night of the year doing something you don’t enjoy, particularly if that involves partying into the new year when you’d much prefer to be at home. Why not try:

Relaxing at home

If spending a night in on your own is more your style, go for it! Curl up with a good book, watch your favorite movie or simply go to bed early, after reflecting on the year that was.

Have a quiet dinner

Enjoying an intimate dinner with your partner or family is another great way to rebel against the party season. Order in some food and box roses, and have an early night with those closest to you.

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Resolutions and reflections

No matter what you decide to do, making resolutions and/or reflecting on the past year can be a wonderful, emotional and even cathartic process. It’s a time to learn from your mistakes and reassess what’s really important, as you move into a new year full of possibilities!

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