How to Celebrate a Birthday, in Style

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Celebrating a birthday means something different for everyone: while some people can’t wait for a week of celebrations dedicated to them, others prefer a quiet night in with a good book. Whether you’re planning a friend’s or celebrating your own, there are plenty of ways to make a birthday special, regardless of the kind of day you’re celebrating. Here are our tips on how to send birthday wishes, in style.

  • Decide on the style of festivities

  • Is your event going to be an extravagant surprise party or a romantic dinner? Are you going to fill a room with flowers or have a picnic with friends? It’s important to be absolutely clear on this before you start planning, otherwise you might end up with a confused event that isn’t a good fit for the birthday guest. If you’re planning for your own event, visualise what you want the day to look like and plan from there. If you’re throwing a party for a friend, talk to them about the kind of day they’d like. If you’re not interested in having a party why not:

    • Go on a holiday or surprise your partner with a romantic trip
    • Send bouquet of flowers to your partner’s workplace
    • Invite some friends over for a night of board games
    • Treat your girlfriend to a wine tasting tour
    • Take your husband on a romantic picnic
    • Plan an intimate, candlelit dinner at home
    • Try something new, like skydiving, bungee jumping or taking dance lessons
    • Book in a spa treatment
    • Take the day off and enjoy a late breakfast
    • Book a suite at a luxury hotel to surprise your partner
    • Plan in advance and get reservations at a fancy dinner spot

  • Choose a theme

  • There are so many themes to work with, so it really comes down to personal choice. If you’re stuck on ideas, some of our favourites include:

    • Summer Pool Party - bikinis, cocktails, a barbeque and sunbaking
    • Costume - Disney characters, Pokemon, 1970s disco, or a theme around your favourite celebrity
    • Murder Mystery - detectives, fancy food and a deathly amount of mingling
    • Great Gatsby Decadence - champagne, headbands and dancing
    • Scavenger Hunt - treasure, alliances and adventure
    • Harry Potter Heaven - wizards, magic tricks and butterbeer

    Once you’ve selected a theme, make sure your decorations are in line with what you’re trying to create, and tell your guests in advance so they know what to expect!.

  • Write a guest list

  • Just because you know 300 people, doesn’t mean you have to invite every one of them to your event. If you’re excited about a big party full of people mingling, then reaching out to friends you haven’t seen in a while can be a nice way to reconnect. If you’re booking a table at your favourite restaurant, sticking to around 10 guests is ideal. Once you know what kind of event you want, write a list of everyone you might like to invite, and assess it from there. You can hold off inviting certain friends until you know who else is available, but don’t wait too long, lest the invite smell of last minute table filling. 

    birthday gift


  • Choose a date

  • It’s always nice to have a birthday celebration on the actual day of your birth, but if it falls on a Monday, a night out clubbing probably won’t work. Save family dinners for the night of, and the big celebrations for the weekend. Before committing to a date, check that there aren’t any other events scheduled for the same time, such as mutual friends’ weddings, opening nights or Game of Thrones premieres.

  • Select a venue

  • Choosing a venue is dependent on the type of engagement you’re planning, but may need to be organised a few months in advance. Do your research early to ensure you don’t miss out, and have a few options in mind in case your first choice doesn’t suit your budget.


  • Arrange catering

  • If you have the skills and motivation, baking for a large group of people can be very satisfying, though  asking a friend or arranging catering can be even more so! If you’re visiting a restaurant be sure to chat to the staff in advance to see what the menu options are, to ensure you and your guests are happy with the food and that it fits your budget. If you’re throwing a surprise party and are low on cash, consider asking your guests to each bring a plate.

  • Decide on gifts

  • Birthdays are a great time to ask for things you wouldn’t buy yourself on a regular day, so don’t be afraid to tell people what you want. If you’re buying for a friend and short on cash, personalised gifts like scrapbooks, framed photos and other homemade goodies are a great option. 

  • Prepare a playlist

  • The type of playlist you create will depend on the type of soiree you plan and the mood you want to create. If you have the time, put together a list of your favourite tracks. Music streaming services also have thousands of playlists you can use, so pick a few that match your style.

  • Find a killer outfit

  • Costume parties obviously require a lot of thought, but if you’re having a nice dinner you might still want to indulge in a new outfit just for the occasion. If your plan is to have a quiet night in, perhaps a new pair of pajamas would do the trick?

  • Prepare for the big day

  • If your dream day is skipping work, going to the movies solo and eating a tub of ice-cream, enjoy every moment. Just because your day is low key, doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate to the max, by sleeping in, going to Gold Class and eating the best ice-cream you can find. If you’re throwing a party for a loved one, order some flowers, make sure everything is in order and most importantly, enjoy the fabulous day you’ve planned!

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