Celebrate National Girlfriend Day with These Fun Traditions

National Girlfriend Day is an annual celebration that is observed and celebrated by many. This special day is all about celebrating the special bond between girlfriends. Whether you have been friends for years or just met, this is the perfect day to show your appreciation and admiration. There are many ways to celebrate National Girlfriend Day, but here are some fun traditions to get you started. 

celebrating national girlfriends day the fun way

How to Celebrate National Girlfriend Day

To celebrate, we rounded up some of the best ways to show your girlfriend(s) you care. From surprising her with a romantic weekend getaway to treating her to a new piece of jewelry, it's all here. Show your girlfriend that you are devoted to her with gentlemanly gestures such as carrying her bag or opening the door for her. Or you can surprise her by ordering food from a restaurant and having it delivered to her door. 

Fun Facts About National Girlfriend Day

  • National Girlfriend Day was created by Marilyn Nissenson in 1994.
  • The official color of National Girlfriend Day is pink.
  • The first annual National Girlfriends' Day was held on February 28th, 1994.
  • The most popular gift for girlfriends is fresh flowers.

Although there is no official theme for National Girlfriend Day, many people celebrate by doing things with their girlfriends or by giving gifts to their friends. View our collection of roses for ideas on gifting roses to your girlfriends.

Why We Love National Girlfriend Day

National Girlfriend Day is recognized as a day to honor all of the significant women in your life. Whether it's your mother, sister, aunt, or grandmother, National Girlfriend Day is an opportunity to express your love and gratitude to the women who mean the most to you.

National Girlfriend Day Traditions

Today we celebrate National Girlfriend Day! For most girls, a special someone is someone they can call their girlfriend. The idea of celebrating National Girlfriend Day was created by the U.S. National Foundation for Families and Children in 1994. The day brings awareness to the issue of women's rights and focuses on the importance of having strong and healthy relationships with a partner or spouse.

Fun Ways to Celebrate National Girlfriend Day

There are many different ways to celebrate this special day, from baking cookies and gifting flowers, to going on a girls' day trip and doing something fun together. We've found some fun ways to celebrate National Girlfriend Day so you can spend the day with your girlfriend and make memories! Some fun activities to do:

  1. Make your own succulent garden with succulents you find in your backyard

  2. Decorating cookies or cupcakes together

  3. Get her favorite meal delivered to her

  4. Go for a picnic and enjoy the sunset

  5. Surprise her with flowers from Roses Only Singapore

  6. A book of compliments for her

  7. Take a class together

  8. Spa day

  9. Get takeout and watch a movie


Make National Girlfriend Day Special

I hope this gives you some ideas for how to celebrate National Girlfriend Day with your own special lady friends. Be sure to show them how much you appreciate them today, and every day!

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