Aishika Xaviera is the illustrator behind this year’s Roses Only and Moet & Chandon Valentine’s Day pairing. Renowned for her artwork depicting the glitz and glamour of the fashion industry, Aishika Xaviera’s illustrations are filled with chandeliers, an abundance of flowers and the kind of couture gowns all women lust after.

Xaviera is inspired by the architecture of Paris and the chic, effortless style of Parisians who make up the subject matters of her elaborate illustrations. One look at her illustrations and you are transported into an extravagant world of fashion. Her illustrations are meticulously detailed with opulent backgrounds, immaculately dressed women with awe-inspiring makeup and often features her signature French Bulldog named Claude.

Her creative process is unique. After strategising a theme much like a creative director, Xaviera’s illustrations commence in her sketchbook by charcoal pencils, markers and watercolour. They are then transferred digitally for the final touches and animation effects which result in vibrant and glittering digital everlasting illustrations.

Xaviera’s childhood dream of being a fashion illustrator translated to many creative careers before she eventually arrived at her ultimate artistic destination of illustrating. She spent several years working as a model, a decade as a bridal-wear designer and even ventured into the world of interior design.

“I would and could only draw women and dresses,” states Xaviera. “I assumed that meant I could either be a designer or a model. I didn't know that fashion illustration could be a career.”

Xaviera credits her husband for steering her towards fashion illustration. “One day he simply said to me why didn’t I just do what I did best, draw.” It was a pivotal moment as it was then that I realised that I had been dancing around what I was really destined to do. I sold my interior design business, set up an illustration studio and haven’t looked back.

The illustrator views her job as a way to help make other people smile. Her illustrations for Roses Only feature gorgeous roses and mouth-watering, realistic bottles of Moet.

Aishika Xaviera loves roses as the best tokens of affection. “I love it when I receive roses from my husband. Roses Only has such beautiful bouquets and each bloom is absolutely perfect. It was a delight and honour to partner with them for Valentine’s Day or any other special occassion.”

Aishika Xaviera lives in beachside Mosman Australia with her husband Paul. She is often spotted in the cafes of Balmoral Beach with her sketchbook.

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