6 Tips to Throw the Best Christmas Party

6 Tips to Throw the Best Christmas Party

tips to throw the best christmas party | roses only singapore

It’s the merriest time of the year - Christmas. Nothing is better than gathering around a succulent turkey with your family and friends, enjoying delicious food while basking in amazing company. That being said, throwing a Christmas party can sure be stressful. From making sure all the guests send in their RSVP in time for you to make the necessary preparations, to ensuring everyone eats their fill - what’s a host to do, right? 

Here are some tips that we’ve put together so you can stay stress free and still throw the best Christmas party!

1. Start planning early

It might be two weeks from the actual party, but don’t rest on your laurels, it’s time to get cracking. Firstly, make sure there’s enough space in your humble abode. Deciding on where to hold your party can be a challenge. You need to make sure the space in your house can hold the number of guests that you’ll be inviting! Do allow for at least 5-8 additional pax, just in case your guests bring along more friends. The more the merrier, right? 

Lifehack: Create a group on Facebook and add all your guests to it. You can post messages on the discussion board instead of messaging all of them individually. Instead of addressing the same queries over and over again, replying to one guest on the Facebook thread will ensure everyone is kept up to date.

2. Decide on your dress code

Having a dress code can be a lifesaver for someone who doesn’t know what to wear. Make sure your Christmas party has a fun dress code, it makes for more memorable pictures as well! Since it’s Christmas, why not have everyone come dressed as Santa? You can even have a competition to see embodies Santa the best!

If you’re afraid your guests won’t be too keen on coming as Santa, why not have a poll on Facebook? Using the group that you have set up earlier, conduct a poll and check out the most creative comments. It might be something as simple as a creative way to dress up with the same colour theme but it definitely adds more fun to the party! 

3. Organise a Secret Santa gift exchange

Receiving a present and unwrapping it always brings the same sense of excitement, no matter how old we get. A gift exchange can be awkward when someone doesn’t get a gift. Well, you don’t have to worry about it with the number of secret santa name generators that have been popping up on the internet.

There are many such generators online, and some will allow your guests to indicate their very own wish lists. You get to input all your guests’ names and email addresses, before it pairs two names up to form a pair. Each guest will have to get a gift for another randomly chosen guest. In return, he/she will have his/her very own Secret Santa, which he will receive a gift from!

Another great gift idea is to gift experiences instead of physical gifts. 


4. Decide on the amount of food to cater

‘A party without a cake is just a meeting’ is a quote that I would definitely second. Sadly, not everyone is as enthusiastic about cake as you and I. It’s really difficult to estimate the amount of food to cater, especially when you’re kiasu and afraid of not having enough food for your guests. Food waste in Singapore has reached an all time high, and is increasing every single year. Order responsibly can not only minimise wastage but save some money.

Food delivery is also a great option, just be sure you order enough and have a backup in case your order gets cancelled at the last minute.

 5. Plan some games for your guests

Avoid the post-dinner food coma by planning fun and interesting games for your guests to get them chortling away. One game that you can play is called Funniest Christmas Presents - True or not?

Simply make a list with the names of all your guests. Go around the room and have each person state their name and the funniest or most interesting Christmas presents they have ever received. After each guest has announced their gift, write ‘true’ or ‘false’ next to their name. The person with the most accurate guesses, wins!

6. Get in the mood with simple decorations

Decorations make a party instagram-worthy and provide some cheer to the house. But it’s easy to blow your budget, especially when you’re grabbing ‘cheap’ Christmas decorations by the dozen. Those affordable decorations certainly does add up! 

Go the simple and classy way with some fresh flowers. Beautiful red roses in a simple vase or jar make a stunning centerpiece for the dining table. These roses can also be given to each guest as a lovely gift to bring home at the end of the evening.

We hope you’ll have one of the best Christmas parties ever, and even if you decide to take the party out to a restaurant or function room, some of these tips might still be helpful for you! Merry Christmas!


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