5 Ways To Commemorate Boss's Day Like A BOSS

Your bosses play a large role in your life. They’re not just someone who signs your paycheck. These people also create a huge impact on your professional and personal life.

Celebrated every October 16th, Boss’s Day is an event created to strengthen the bond between employees and employers. There are times employees don’t understand the hard work their bosses have to face on a daily basis. This occasion is a great opportunity to appreciate and be grateful for all the things the management have done for their employees.

In giving your bosses gifts, etiquette expert Emily Post’s advice is not to give individual gifts to avoid the perception that you’re trying to gain some sort of special attention. Get together with a few colleagues to get a gift.

Make it a team effort! Here are 5 ways to commemorate Boss’s Day like a boss.

Play Your Boss’s Ideal Sport With The Whole Team

Basketball, volleyball, bowling, tennis, golf, or even board games. Whatever sport they’re into, they’ll love it when they don’t just get to work with their colleagues, but also play with them with the sport they love most. Find a good venue for everyone to play and set the time.

Don’t know how to play their sport? It doesn’t matter, your colleagues (or even your boss) can teach you so you can get in the loop fast. There’s no pressure in winning. It’s just for fun. You might even learn a new sport and love it!

Cook For Your Boss

Cooking doesn’t have to be a tedious solo task. You can do it with the rest of your colleagues, whether you’re preparing a cake, lasagna, noodles or salad. Always remember to do it as a team. Think of it as if you’re doing a team-building activity.

It adds a personal touch that everyone gets to enjoy and it strengthens the team spirit. By simply preparing something together, you get to know your colleagues on a more personal level and you’ll all make your boss feel extra special.

Give Them An Award

Bosses deserve a pat on their backs for a job well done especially this Boss's Day. Make a customized plaque, trophy, or certificate exclusively for them. Give them the awards that best represent them such as:

  • The Funniest Boss
  • The Most Cool-Headed Supervisor
  • Company Record For The Most Over Time
  • Heavy Coffee Drinker Award

Surprise Them With Roses

Roses are one of the most meaningful gifts you and your colleagues can ever give to your boss. They’re timeless and versatile. Here are some of the blooms you can send them this Boss’s Day. Send a bouquet or two to the office.

36 Pastel Pink Roses & Gold Godiva Chocolates

Make your boss feel extra special with this thoughtful gift that says, “We will always remember the sweetest victories we’ve shared together in our team.” These blooms are available in the US, UK, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

100 Red Roses Bouquet

A dozen red roses are already great. But a hundred of these in a bouquet is unforgettable! You won’t receive a hundred roses every day. These are also meaningful because it denotes, “You unleashed our 100% potential to give value in our organization” These blooms are available in the US, UK, and Singapore.

Looking for more variety? Check out our other blooms in the US, UK, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

Make A Video

With our technology today, we can now create a short video with our smartphones - having a high-quality camera and a free video editing app. Wait until your boss is out for the day. Then, walk around the office and record your every colleague for short thank you messages.

Upload it to your company intranet or company chat. Your bosses will love the effort that you and your colleagues will put into it.

These are five ways to commemorate Boss’s Day. You can do at least one of these (or even more) to surprise them.

Put your thinking cap on and be more creative. You might even think of something more interesting.

In whatever means you and your colleagues wish to celebrate Boss’s Day, always remember to enjoy and have fun to get to know your bosses and colleagues on a deeper level.

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